About Florida Arrests

This website was established in order to enable users to carry out a background check on any person residing in the state of Florida and other US states.

On top of each page you will see a search box. By filling in a person’s full name or second name, you will initiate a search process. The results you will get are based on data from thousands of sources, public and private.

The information you will acquire by using the website’s search service will include a person’s comprehensive criminal history (arrest records, outstanding warrants and court records). Furthermore, you will gain access to civil records, for example property records, birth and death records, marriage and divorce records and business search. You can be sure that your searches will remain 100% confidential.

flarrestscheck.org also provides its readers with detailed and updated information on how to conduct a criminal background check in each of FL counties individually. What you need to do is to press the icon “Florida Counties” on the header and then you will enter a page that contains links to each of the state’s counties.

We also strive to provide you with general information on Florida legal system and criminal procedure. We have a professional articles category that contains articles dealing with topics such as FL outstanding warrants, court records, Florida Freedom of Information Act, inmate search and more.

The overall purpose of this site is to give you the tools to locate a person’s criminal history. It is important to bear in mind that this site is not meant to replace professional legal counseling.