Aug 21, 2016

Criminal history search in Gainesville, FL

What you need to do to trace a person’s criminal history in Gainesville, Florida

Do you have doubts about one of your employees? Do you want to check whether your kids’ baby sitter has a criminal record? This article will show you how to carry out a background check in the city of Gainesville using local databases.

Obtaining information on Gainesville arrests

Gainesville Hippodrome State Theater

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The city’s police department provides copies of arrest history and criminal background reports. They can be obtained in one of the following ways:

  • Ordering a report on the telephone by dialing 352-393-7565.
  • Requesting a report by filling in an online form.
  • Arriving at the police station in person (413 NW 8th Avenue, Gainesville, Florida 32601).
  • Sending a request by mail to Gainesville Police Department, Records Section, PO Box 1250, Gainesville, FL 32602

For your information, you will have to pay $5 per report

Referring to databases put at your disposal by the County

To get a broader perspective, we recommend conducting your investigation at the county level.

1) Finding Alachua County arrest records

The sheriff’s website offers an inmate lookup tool through which you can search for the county’s detainees by name. The same webpage also display a list of people currently in custody.

2) How to perform a warrant search

To obtain information on Alachua County warrants, visit the most wanted page on the website managed by the sheriff. There you will see names of people against whom felony or misdemeanor warrants have been issued by the court. Each name appears with a mugshot and a description of the offense he or she is suspected of. For additional information, dial 352-367-4138.

3) Where to look for court records

To view a person’s prior convictions, use the online case search offered by the clerk of court. It will give you access to Alachua County court records. Alternatively, you may also drop by the clerk’s office (201 East University Avenue, Gainesville, FL 32601, phone: 352-374-3625) and file a request to view public records.

Where you should live in Gainesville

Fairbanks / Monteocha is the largest safest place in the city in terms of crime rates. Other safe places include Los Trancos Woods / Pine Hill Estates, SW 122nd St / SW 31st Ave and Arredondo / Kanapaha.

All in all, Gainesville can be quite a dangerous place. It is safer than only 8% of the cities in the USA. You have a chance of 1 in 154 of falling victim to a crime involving violence (in Florida the chances are 1 in 185). 6.49 crimes of violent nature and 40.54 property crimes occur per 1,000 residents – much higher than the state’s average.

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