What Are Florida Bench Warrants?

Florida bench warrants are issued by a judge against a person who failed to appear in court in both civil and criminal cases. They are not just used in high-profile cases; they may even be issued to someone who failed to pay a parking ticket. Moreover, the moment a judge signs them, they are listed as police records.

How to perform a Florida warrant search

Bench warrants are public record and can be found online using the state’s databases. Be aware, though, that you’ll be sifting through a lot of information and so knowing exactly where to search can definitely be very helpful.

First, we highly recommend referring to the Florida Crime Information Center. This is a public database system that will enable you to look for names of wanted people throughout the state. You do not need more than the person’s name to obtain basic information such as his or her personal details, aliases, description of offense, reporting agency, and warrant date and number.

How to conduct a warrant Inquiry using the county’s resources

If you want to narrow your search, you can also use the county’s databases. Local counties and sheriff departments keep records of all legal dockets issued in their jurisdiction.Therefore, you are advised to visit the relevant sheriff office of your county and request the information they have on wanted people.

Some counties save you a lot of time by putting at your disposal public online databases. Of course, this is the fastest way to find the information you looking for. For example, you can conduct a Hillsborough County warrant search by using the inquiry tool on the sheriff’s website.

Conclusion: Why you should run a background check?

Whether you’re hiring an employee or heading out on a blind date, knowing that you’re not about to meet up with someone who is running from the law is essential.

Free and easy access to this important information makes it easier to know what you’re getting into and will help you protect yourself from trouble.