Guidelines for a background check in Orlando, FL

Most people don’t realize that the majority of criminal cases are filed at the local level.  Because of this, there are a few different ways to find out if the people in your life are who they say they are.  Let’s start with the city jurisdiction and go from there.

Tracing Orlando City Police Records

The first place to search for Orlando arrest records is with the local police department. You will have to turn to their Record Unit and file a request to view the files. Your request can be submitted in one of the following ways:

  • Via email:
  • In person by visiting their headquarters
  • Sending tour request on mail:

Orlando Police Department
Attn: Records Unit
P.O. Box 913
Orlando, Florida 32802

They will charge you 15 cent for each page (certifies copies cost $1.15 per page). For more details, contact them at (407)-246-2406.

Conducting your inquiry on the county level

The County offers you several sources that will help you trace a person’s criminal history. We recommend the following:

  • You can find Orlando County warrants by referring to a search page offered by the sheriff’s website (to access this page, follow this link).
  • Orlando County arrest records can be viewed electronically by referring to the following governmental database.
  • The County jail publishes a booking report that shows people that were apprehended in the last 24 hours.

Locating Orange County Court Records

To find information on court proceedings, use the clerk’s office and run a search on their website database.  This is the simplest and fastest way to obtain results.  However, if you’re not comfortable using an online database, you can contact their office directly by phone (407) 836-2000 or by visiting them at:

425 N. Orange Avenue
Orlando, FL 32801
Monday -Friday 7:30 am – 4:00 pm

Statewide Resources

In addition to local resources, you can also check a few databases that cover the entire state.

  • If you want to locate Florida arrest records, we recommend the FDLE Criminal History Information which you can find here. This is a paid service and it is quite expensive – each inquiry costs $24.
  • The FDLE has a public access system that displays Florida warrants.
  • For an inmate search, look at these two online inquiry tools managed by the state’s Department of corrections: The Inmate Population Information Search (follow this link) and the Offender Information Search (which can be found here). The former shows current inmates; the latter presents past inmates.
  • To locate sex offenders, go to the online database for Florida’s sex offender registry.