How to Carry Out a Background Check in Jacksonville, FL

There has been an increase in recent years in the need for the general public to be able to access background information that used to be the territory of the professionals.  Where employers used to know the people they were hiring personally and fathers used to have personal history with the families of the people their children married, in today’s society the Internet has truly connected us all in new and exciting ways.  With those new opportunities come new risks and cautions to be wary of when interacting with others.

One simple way to protect yourself in personal and business dealings with people you don’t know well is to run a simple background check on them.  To show you how to do this without any special training we will use Jacksonville, Florida, which is the county seat of Duval County, as an example.

Searching for Local Arrest Records and Warrants

The place to begin your background check is looking for both Jacksonville arrest records specifically and Duval County arrest records more generally.  In this case, since the Jacksonville Police Department has joined together with the Duval County Sheriff, this should only require contacting one agency instead of two.  The search for Jacksonville arrests can be run online through the police database or you can visit the sheriff office in person at the following location:

501 E Bay St,
Jacksonville, FL 32202
phone: 904-630-0500

In addition to running your search through that database, you can also run a Jacksonville warrant search by calling the Central Records Unit at (904) 630-2209 and requesting assistance from the Warrants Unit.  As mentioned earlier, because the two law enforcement agencies have combined, this will also double as a Duval County warrant search.

Searching for Local Court Records

Once you have completed your search for Jacksonvile arrest records and checking for warrants, you can then move on to searching for prior Jacksonville court records.  Your first move should be checking here to search their online database.  That search should allow you to find any former criminal proceedings from the person’s past.  If you would rather conduct your inquiry in person or over the phone you can locate the clerk’s office at the following location:

Duval County Courthouse
501 W. Adams St.
Jacksonville, FL 32202
Phone: 904-255-2000

Locating Additional Information

You may find additional help in some of the following links.  If you’d like to check the local sex offenders’ registry you can click here.  If you want to check on Duval County court records that are not necessarily criminal in nature you may use the county’s public records search engine .  If you want to obtain Florida arrest records you should visit the FDLE’s online Criminal History Information system, and if you want to look for Florida warrants, you can utilize the state’s Public Access System.  This inquiry tool shows the state’s wanted people. Best of luck in your hunting.