How to conduct a background check in Tampa, FL

Background checks are usually run on several different levels.  The most common lower level searches are run locally and are based in city, county, and state jurisdictions.  It’s also possible to run federal checks, but those tend to be more commonly run by federal agencies.  In this article we’ll only be covering more local information.  We will be using Tampa in Hillsborough County, Florida as our test case.

Background Checks at the City Level

There is a limited amount of information available at the city level when it comes to running a background check as an ordinary citizen.  The local police department has protocols setup to assist the public in getting basic information.  However, it’s important to keep in mind that they often have fees and copying costs associated with getting copies of public information.  You can find all the detail instructions through the Tampa Police Department on their Records Section Fees and Services page.

Typically arrests made by the city police are still prosecuted through the county jurisdiction unless it is a minor enough offense to result in a citation instead of an arrest.  Because of this system, in order to find Tampa arrest records and Tampa warrants you’ll most likely need to contact the Hillsborough County Sheriff to get information about current and previous inmates by calling their booking officer at (813) 247-8300.

Moving on to the County Level

Beyond the level of city records, most court proceedings happen on the county level.  For this reason, you will also want to check for Hillsborough County court records. The simplest way to begin this inquiry is by checking their online database.  If you have trouble finding what you’re looking for on their website or prefer to get help in person or over the phone, you can reach their office at the following location during their business hours (M-F/8a-5a):

Clerk of Circuit Court Customer Service Center
George E. Edgecomb Courthouse
800 Twiggs Street, Room 101
Tampa, FL 33602
(813) 276-8100

In addition to court proceedings you can also locate Hillsborough County arrest records through the county Sheriff’s Department (Refer to the following webpage).  This database should include Tampa arrests as well, so you can run both searches at the same time.  The final county database you can run a search through is Hillsborough County warrants.

Looking up Statewide Records

There are also resources available that cover the entire state of Florida.  We’ve included a couple different websites as extras.  Statewide criminal background checks can be requested through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement online database.  Before you begin your search keep in mind this particular inquiry will cost $24.00 per person.  This site should include Tampa arrests plus any records in the rest of the state as well.

One last database to look at is the state site that records Florida Sex Offenders. There are several different options available to specify your search whether looking at your neighborhood, public universities, or even some internet registration information.  You can also conduct a general search that isn’t location specific.