Duval County Clerk of Court

These days it is much easier to find information than it used to be in years past.  Now a few minutes and keystrokes on the Internet can find answers to questions that used to require you to spend hours in the library.  It is also becoming the case with many of the local jurisdictions and the files they store.  In many places what used to require a physical trip to the local courthouse to request physical files can now be accessed through a few convenient clicks of a mouse.

The Duval County Clerk of Court is one such place.  In this article we will be explaining exactly how to utilize its resources so as to locate the types of files that you would need for running your own background check.

Using the Clerk of Courts for a Criminal Background Check

When running a Florida background check, the easiest place to start is by finding out how much of the information you can access online before going through the trouble of calling or physically visiting the actual office.  Depending on the county you are in, you may or may not be able to find everything you need online.  Thankfully for the purposes of our article, the Duval County Clerk of Courts has an online database for you to search for court records. The search is relatively simple, and you will most likely be most successful by searching by Last and First Name.

If you wish to trace Duval County court records while not using the Internet, you still have options.  You can reach the clerk’s office most readily by calling them at (904) 255-2000.  If you would prefer to speak with someone in person, you should arrive at their office in the courthouse located at 501 W. Adams St. in Jacksonville, Florida, from 8:00am to 5:00am.

There is one final note you should consider when conducting your searches.  The clerk’s office will be able to help only with information relating to court proceedings.  If you also need to find Duval County arrest records, you should follow this link in order to search the Sheriff’s Office online database for that information.

Finding Civil Records

One final service you should find available at the clerk’s location in the courthouse (address and phone number listed above) is civil records.  If all you want to look up is criminal activity, you can just follow the procedures we have discussed above, but in addition to those resources, you can also click here to look through public records online that don’t involve court proceedings.  This involves documents such as deeds, liens, mortgages, as well as other civil matters.  For civil matters that do involve court hearings, you will find them in the original clerk database.