Orange County Clerk of Court

In our society that is making information easier to access, it makes sense that court information would follow suit.  The usual place to find this type of information is the local courthouse. The Orange County Clerk of Courts is responsible for maintaining the records for the court proceedings held within the county as well as handling the monetary transactions for fines and fees.  It is also often responsible for handling public records that do not involve court hearings.

You will find that this office has multiple locations in a county this large (in smaller counties, most clerk offices are simply located in the local courthouse). Its primary location is at 425 N Orange Ave, Orlando, Florida 32801 (courthouse location).  The phone number where they can be reached is (407) 836-2000.

Using Orange County Clerk of Court for a Criminal Background Check

The clerk’s office is the best place for finding information on someone’s history of interaction with the law.  As the keeper of the Orange County court records, the clerk has access to all the data you might need for a background check.  If you prefer to contact their office by phone and ask for help locating the files you are looking for, we have provided their main office’s phone number in the section above.

However, with the increasing prevalence of the Internet in keeping track of official documentation these days, you can also usually find the information you are trying to find without more than the click of a few computer keys.  Orange County maintains an online searchable database that you can access free of charge by clicking here.  This database will give you access to felonies, misdemeanors, and traffic cases.  The easiest way to conduct your inquiry would probably be to start by searching online, and attempt to directly contact their office only if you are unable to locate your results electronically.

Unfortunately though the clerk will be able to access court information for you, it is likely that they will not have information pertaining to Orange County arrest records. For this type of search, you will probably need to contact the local Sheriff’s Department, particularly looking for Booking Information.

For additional information on Orange County arrests you can turn to the official website of the Department of Corrections. They provide a computerized inmate locator that can tell you who is currently in jail.

Finding Civil Records

One final resource you will find at the clerk’s office is access to civil records.  In addition to finding information on criminal cases, you can also find dockets relating to family cases, child support, probate cases, small claims cases, and all other types of local files.  For their online civil database you can click here and select the type of case you’d like information on.