Palm Beach County Clerk of Court

There are several ways to find out if a person in your life has a questionable past.  Typically, the easiest and most cost effective ways to do this involve determining the relevant jurisdiction.  Since most jurisdictions are divided up by county, it is usually simplest to start with your local county clerk.  For this article we’ll be using the Palm Beach County Clerk of Court for our examples.  We’ll cover the two primary types of information accessible to the general public – criminal and civil files.  Let’s start with criminal searches.

Conducting Criminal Background Checks

Running a background check consists of running two distinct searches—arrest records and criminal records (specifically from court).  Finding Palm Beach County arrest records is the first step.  You can locate them either through going to the website for the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Department by clicking here, or you can call their office at (561)688-4340 to speak with the Inmate Records division.

Once you have determined the status of arrests, you can then check with the clerk’s online database for any criminal cases in their history by clicking here or calling their office for assistance from a member of their staff.  You should be aware that their criminal database does not function correctly with the latest version of Google Chrome, so using Firefox or Internet Explorer is preferable if you plan to access the information online.  If you plan to call their office, you can reach their Criminal Misdemeanor Division at (561) 355-2994 and the Criminal Felony Division at (561) 355-2994.

Accessing Civil Court Records

The last step in looking up someone’s history is to check for civil cases in their past.  To search through Palm Beach County Court records you can click here to access their online database or you can call their office at (561) 355-2986 for assistance.  These can involve all kinds of cases from real estate to family cases, and even sometimes include lawsuits and small claims cases.  While not all case information will be available to the public, you should be able to access the basic facts of the case as well as the names of those involved and the type of case.