Sarasota County Clerk of Court

If you are looking for court records in Florida you are most likely going to need to know where the court proceedings took place. Typically, public records are kept by county.  For example, if you need details on an incident that occurred within Sarasota County you will need to check with the Sarasota County clerk of court. To learn about types of files that are available for public view, access their website (at or contact their office directly over the phone at (941) 861-7425.

In fact, you will find that the clerk is responsible for maintaining a variety of records, some of which are available to public access and some of which are not.  The files which are accessible to the public include certain civil and criminal records, marriage licenses, real estate data, probate documents, and traffic records.  In this article we will guide you through conducting a basic search through Sarasota County court records and Sarasota County arrest records.

Using the Clerk of Courts for a Criminal Background Check

When inquiring about a person’s criminal history, you are primarily looking for two types of records—arrests and court cases.  The Sarasota County clerk can help you find the latter. Go to their online records page and click ‘criminal cases’. You can conduct your inquiry by name, arrest date, warrant number or booking number.  Once you find the defendant you’re looking for, you can then see details related to his case listed below his personal details.

Sarasota County arrest search can be done with the help of the sheriff office rather than the clerk.  You can initiate an electronic inquiry here using the person’s name, arrest date, or case number.  If you cannot find the information you are looking for online but wish to inquire further, you can also call the front desk at the county jail at (941) 861-4165.

Finding Civil Dockets

You can also use the clerk’s website to run a general Sarasota County public records search which will allow you to view civil cases. It is very simple; go to their main records page listed above, and you should find links for each of the docket types they have in their databases.