Seminole County Clerk of Court

Most people have a vague sense that records for their local county are kept in the courthouse in their area, but few know how to access them when they need help getting information.  When you need information on the local courts, your first resource should be the local clerk.  For this article we will be using the Seminole County Clerk of Court as our example.  Their office is located at 101 Bush Blvd, Sanford, FL 32773, and their office phone number is (407) 665-4450.

You might be wondering what types of information you can access at the clerk’s office.  The truth is there are many types of files held there, but this article will deal primarily with Seminole County court records.  In other words, we’ll mostly discuss how to get information on court cases, both criminal and civil.

Using Seminole County Clerk of Courts for a Criminal Background Check

There are two parts to running a Seminole County background check.  First, you will look for former court cases, and then you will check for previous arrests.  In order to find information on court cases you will want to check with the clerk’s office.  You can either contact their office at the physical location through the contact information listed above, or you can lookup basic case information on their online database by clicking here.  Keep in mind, however, that with this particular online source, there may be less information available than what you are looking for.  For that reason, you may find it necessary to contact them directly.

The second aspect will be to contact the Sheriff’s Department to run a search for Seminole County arrest records. Similarly to the way you would approach the clerk, you can either contact the Sheriff’s Department directly at 211 Bush Blvd. Sanford, FL 32773, or you can search the VINE online database by clicking here and selecting the option for “Choose Agency” and picking SEMINOLE COUNTY JAIL from the dropdown menu.  From there you should be able to run a Seminole County arrests search.

One final check you may want to do to be on the safe side would be to run a Seminole County warrant search.  You will mostly find this information by directly contacting the local jail and asking for the main desk.  If you’re unable to get an answer from their office, you can try finding it from the clerk as well.

Finding Civil Records

The other types of files that the clerk’s office can help you find deal with civil matters.  Aside from criminal records, the clerk also handles land records, family histories, lawsuits, small claims, divorces, births, deaths, and many other public records.  For access to their online civil database click here.  If you cannot find what you need online, you can also reach them through their office at the Civil Courthouse at 301 N Park Ave, Sanford, FL 32771.  You can also call them at (407) 665-4330 for assistance.