Dunedin Florida – is it a safe place to live in?

Dunedin Florida – A Good Place to Live At Affordable Prices

If you are looking for a safe and quiet place, not too far from bigger population centers and most importantly at an affordable price, Dunedin, Florida might be the perfect place for you.

We are talking here about a small town (28 square miles) with a population of close to 36,000. It is only 25.7 mile (and 35 minutes of driving) from St. Petersburg (population: almost 254,000), which offers plenty of work opportunities.

Is it a safe place to live?

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Dunedin is safer than 34% of the cities in the United States. 2.68 violent crimes take place per 1,000 residents (in Florida it is 5.40). Statistically speaking, you have a chance of 1 in 373 to be a victim of a violent crime and 1 in 51 to be exposed to a property crime (compared to 1 in 185 and 1 in 29 in Florida). When it comes to the number of crimes per 1 square mile, the score is identical to that of Florida – 76.

Recommended neighborhoods

The northern parts of the town and the areas on the beach are considered the safest. We are specifically talking about Alt 19 S / Wexford Leas Blvd, Michigan Blvd / Bayshore Blvd and County Rd 1 / Solon Ave. County Rd 1 / Solon Ave


In terms of age distribution, close to 16% are below 18. 50% of the population is between the ages of 25 – 64 and 30% is at retirement age – so basically we are talking here about a balanced age pyramid.

White people consist of 87% of the population; Hispanics are 6.5% and Afro-Americans 2.4%.

Education level is quite good as more than 90% have graduated from high school and close to 28% are with an academic degree.

There are 6 public schools in town (4 elementary schools, 1 middle school and 1 high school) Average teacher-student ratio is 1:18. There are also 2 private schools.

The standard of living in Dunedin – housing prices

Dunedin is not considered one of the wealthiest towns in Florida. The median household income is $44,700 – lower than Florida ($46,000). The bright side is that houses are quite cheap. Estimated condo value is $142,000. You can find a nice family house at a price of around $150,000, which is quite affordable. In fact, I personally know a family who bought a 3 bedroom private house with a beautiful porch on Lyndhurst St., not far from Marina Beach, at a little more than $150,000.

Main attractions

In Dunedin you will find some of the most beautiful beaches in the world (in particular, Caladesi Island State Park). The beaches are usually not overcrowded and are fun to spend time in. in addition, the coast line is not blocked by tall buildings which makes it possible to see the sun setting every day. You will also enjoy nice shopping and art centers (Dunedin Fine Art Center) a golf course, a marina and a bike path that crosses the town. Finally, the town is known for its close community ties and plenty sports activities for the whole family.

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