Find Florida Arrest Records Using Governmental Sources

How to find Florida Arrest Records Using Governmental Sources

Multiple governmental databases open to the public make it relatively easy to find Florida arrest records and other types of judicial dockets that are needed for a criminal background check, such as active warrants.

Performing a statewide arrest search

There are three official electronic search tools recommended for tracking a person’s incarceration history:

  • The most straightforward way to trace Florida arrest records is simply to visit the online FDLA criminal history information webpage. This database shows people incarcerated in all of FL counties. You will also be shown juveniles that were apprehended for felony offenses. This service is, however, quite expensive as it costs $24 per file searched.
  • The Florida Department of Corrections operates an online inmate population information search  through which current inmates in FL prison system can be located. They offer another online inquiry tool which will provide additional information on the subject of your search: releases from state’s prison, former offenders under supervision, escapes and fugitives.

How to inquire about Florida warrants

Federal government of the United States
The FDLA also operates a computerized data bank known as the Public Access System (PASS). It displays information on Florida warrants which is disseminated directly from the state’s law enforcement agencies. By typing a person’s name you will view his / her physical description and personal details, offenses that were committed and the reporting agency. Some files come with a mugshot.  In sum, this tool will help you know whether the subject of your search is a wanted person or a fugitive.

The disadvantages of state’s resources

You have to remember that as efficient as state resources may be, they still deal with the entire state and that comes at the expense of accuracy. The most accurate search is done on a county level where the person being check resides and / or committed the offense.

To search the county you will have to refer to the local jail, sheriff office and Clerk of Court for conviction records. This website explains in detail how to run a background check in each and every one of FL counties. You will be directed to the best sources that will make your investigation effective and accurate.

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