Dec 20, 2016

Five Weird Crimes that Took Place on Christmas

Five Weird Crimes that Took Place on Christmas

Christmas is the best time of the year to be with people we love. However, it seems that Christmas is also a golden opportunity for crooks who cynically take advantage of the holidays’ spirit to commit all sorts of crimes. Here are 5 really weird crimes that took place on Christmas.

She almost kill him for beer

On Christmas 2013, in SC, Charleston County sheriff found a man bleeding heavily. He claimed he fell and hurt himself. A short investigation revealed that he was stabbed with a ceramic squirrel by his angry wife, Helen Williams, because he forgot to buy her beer.

From the bottom of his heart

One year later, On Christmas 2014, a man faked a heart attack in a Walmart Store in Jacksonville, Florida. While everyone rushed to help him, his partner, left the store with a shopping cart filled with unpaid toys.

These two scoundrels, Gerard Dupree and Tarus Scott, failed to notice there was a security camera in the store. They were apprehended soon after and were faced a grand theft charge.

The Green Santa Claus

Green Santa ClausIn that same year, a 57 year old, Randy Langle, dressed as Santa was handing out cannabis flowers to customers at the Buffalo Wild Wings in Seaside, CA. He also put some marijuana inside the bar’s tip jar.

He was arrested and charged with distribution of an illegal substance.

The crazy Santa Claus

In Atlanta in December 2004, one Santa suddenly lost his mind and hit a 74 year old lady, Annie Ruth Nelson, in her face with a 2 by 4 board knocking her out. The mad Santa excused his burst of violent rage by blaming the poor old lady for stealing his chocolate.

The crazy Santa, Elkin Donnie Clarke, was immediately incarcerated and charged with aggravated assault.

Santa Claus Burglar

On Christmas 2009, Shon Shanell – a 23 year old man from Seattle – made an attempt to break into a house through the chimney. Unfortunately he was stuck there and had to be rescued by the local firefighters.  The Santa Claus Burglar (a nick name he earned the hard way) had 17 months in prison to think about the blunder he had made.

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