Mar 21, 2017

What Do Florida Jail Records Show?

Find out Which Details Are Shown in Florida Jail Records

Do you intend to check on a person’s incarceration history? You should know that Florida jail records usually reveal the following details: The detainee’s bodily features, age, sex and race. In addition, you will see booking date and release, charge description and bond amount. Some files also contain court dates, the arresting agency, warrant number and a mugshot.

Florida jail records are usually issued in the county where a person was taken into custody, so basically speaking, you should start your inquiry at the local level.

County jail records can be found by contacting the sheriff office. Some sheriffs maintain an electronic jail roster on their official websites. For instance, you will find information on Orange county arrest records by referring to the following official online inmate database.

For your information, explains how to perform an arrest search in each and every county in Florida.

Local records have their limitations

An inquiry conducted on a local level has two disadvantages:

  • Local records, obviously show only detainees confined in the county jail. You will not find inmate information related to other counties.
  • Most (there are exceptions) county jail records include only information on people recently incarcerated.

Carrying out a broader search

Florida jail records that relate to the entire state as a whole can be found by utilizing these three governmental databases:

1) The FDLE Criminal Information tool allows you to check a person’s arrest history in all of FL counties. Each name searched demands a $24 fee.

2) The Florida Department of Corrections operates two online inquiry tools. The first allows you to locate current inmates in the state’s prisons. The second reveals offenders who had been confined for crimes committed in the past and are now released. Both of these databases give you the options to see offenders with a mugshot.

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