Dec 15, 2016

Get Your Own Automatic Rifle on the Internet

How to Get Your Own Automatic Rifle on the Internet

More and more companies are engaging in online sales of firearm kits in Florida. In Volusia County alone there are at least 6 ghost gun kit companies operating freely.

These kits may include weapon parts that can be relatively easily assembled at home. Practically speaking, a person can build military-grade semi-automatic and automatic rifles such as AR-15, which was used in mass shooting incidents.

Type “gun kits” on Google and the first page is full of companies offering them to everyone with a credit card. Looking at what the websites of these companies offer, one can see a whole list of weapons ranging from Berretta pistols to the famous AK-47 Kalashnikov.

The potential risk

The main problem with these weapons is that they are untraceable. The parts do not come with a serial number. And so, a person with some technical skills and some money to spend can build a whole arsenal of impossible to identify weapons. Moreover, the buyers are not subjected to any background check and so criminal and mentally disturbed individuals can acquire firearms through the back door.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives forces companies to add a serial number to guns only if they are 80% complete. In addition, weapons sold for personal use do not necessitate any means of identification. Therefore, when selling a kit made of weapon parts, the manufacturers can legally sell firearms that cannot be traced. Florida police officials are, accordingly, deeply concerned.

Luckily, building a gun from parts purchased on the Internet demands some technical know-how, which means teenagers will find it hard to get weapons this way. But potential terrorists and criminals may greatly benefit from this arrangement. This is why the number of self-assembled guns found in crime scenes all across Florida (and other states as well, California in particular) is alarming according to police reports.

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