Feb 27, 2017

How Much a Criminal Background Check in Florida Costs

Find Out How Much a Criminal Background Check in Florida Costs

The question how much a criminal background check in Florida costs has no one clear answer. It all depended on the type of search you intend to perform, especially whether you are going to use your county’s resources or refer to statewide databases.

Conducting a criminal record check on a county level

In most cases, tracking a person criminal history in your county will cost you nothing. The authorities convey this information for free either offline or online.

For example, to learn about a person’s prior convictions, you may conduct an online search for Hillsborough County Courts Record here. Lee County arrest records can be found by using the sheriff’s online inmate locator tool.

Some counties demand a fee for court dockets copies. Prices range from $0.1 to $0.5 per page. Sometimes the price depends on how difficult it is to retrieve the file. For more information refer to your Clerk of Court.

The disadvantages of a local search

A local background check, as the words indicate, is limited to the local level. You will not get results from other counties. You have to bear in mind that felons usually have a criminal history in more than one county, so the data you will get will give you only a partial account and not the whole picture. What you should do is refer to wider resources that encompass the whole state.

Using statewide databases

Doing a criminal record check using state’s resources cost $24. For that price, you can search the FDLE’s Computerized Criminal History repository and track a person’s incarceration history and prior convictions in court. Be advised! The price may exceed $24 since you will have to pay this sum of money for every person you are going to check.

The good news is that if you want to do a Florida warrant search, you will get the information for free. The state’s Public Access System allows you to run a wanted person search and access outstanding warrants from all of FL counties’ law enforcement agencies with no need to pay for it.

The disadvantages of a statewide search

A search wider in scope gives you a broader picture at the expense of accuracy. Sheriffs’ databases are naturally more accurate as they cover a smaller jurisdiction.

The best solution

The best you can do is to perform both types of research, local and statewide to get a full account of a person’s background. The online inquiry tool offered by flarrestcheck.org does exactly that. It derives its data from local and state’s databanks and from public and private sources so as to maximize accuracy. All searches are 100% confidential and secure.

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