Safest Neighborhoods in Palm Beach Florida

The Safest Neighborhoods in Palm Beach, FL

Thinking about moving to Palm Beach? You should know that this town of close to 11,000 residents is considered safer than 40% of the cities in the country. Its northern parts are the safest places in terms of crime rate. Nevertheless, other areas are also peaceful. The neighborhoods we recommend are Manana Ln, N Ocean Blvd and S Ocean Blvd.

Last year there were totally 165 crime incidents in the town, 5 of which were violent. From a statistical point of view, there were 0.59 crimes involving violence per 1,000 residents (In all of Florida, the ratio is 5.40: 1,000). 44 crimes occurred per 1 square mile (The state’s average is 76).

Population and education

As is the case in many towns in Florida, the population in Palm Beach is quite old – the median age is 68.9 years. More than half of the population are older than 65. Close to 10% are below 18. One quarter of the population is between the ages of 44 to 64, of whom 60% are married – so there are enough adults at pre-retirement age.

From a racial point of view, the large majority of the residents are White (more than 95%) with very small minorities of Afro-Americans and Asians.

We have good things to say about the level of education.  Close to 100% of the residents have a high school diploma and 60% hold an academic degree.

There is an excellent A graded public elementary school in Palm Beach with a capacity of up to 500 students. There is also a private school with students from kindergarten to the 9th grade.

Standard of living and housing prices

Palm Beach is known for the high standard of living of its population. The median house hold income is a little more than $100,000 (compared to $46,000 in Florida). Estimated per capita income is $125,000. Unemployment rate stands at 3.3%.

Housing prices are accordingly high: median house value is close to $720,000. However, don’t get discouraged by this figure. It is possible to get a two bedrooms condo of 900 – 1,000sqftin a good neighborhood at around $250,000. Rent starts from $1,500.

On average, it will take you 14 minutes to get to work.

The bottom line

Palm Beach is a beautiful and safe place to live in. You benefit from living in quiet and peaceful island not far from major cities such as Miami (75.6 mi) and Tampa (206.5 mi).

Disadvantages we can think of are a relatively old population, which might pose a problem for families with kids and living so close to the ocean which means that on every hurricane alarm you will most probably be evacuated.


photo D Ramey Logan

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