Scary Babysitter Crimes

Scary Babysitter Crimes– What You Should Do to Keep Your Children Safe

Thousands of cases of babysitters hurting the children under their care are reported every year all over the country. These are considered especially heinous crimes taking into account the defenseless nature of children, some of whom are babies.

Here are some extremely severe cases that hit the headlines:

On February 19, 2016 Moriah Gonzalez – a female babysitter from California at the age of 20 – was caught on a hidden camera suffocating a 1 year old baby because he cried too much. The violent babysitter was charged with a child abuse felony.

At the same month, a 31 year old sadistic female babysitter from Staten Island, NY named Gloria Fields confessed to murdering a toddler at the age of 16 months after sexually molesting him for 2 days. The torturing included inserting items to his rectum, breaking his bones and causing internal bleeding. During these horrible 48 hours, Fields consumed multiple drugs including heroin and marijuana.

In March 2015, a 29 year old female babysitter from Harris County, Texas called Ashley Dack was charged with sexual assaults carried out against children put under her care. Dack’s cell phone was found to contain graphic images of naked children she sent to her boyfriend.

In October 2015, Benjamin Evan Nelson, a 27 year old male babysitter, was sent to 35 years in Oregon state prison after sexually molesting 2 young boys under his care.

In May 2016, a babysitter named Lori Conley killed an 8 month old baby in Ohio after giving him an overdose of the drug Benadryl.


The lesson taught

The cases mentioned above are only the tip of an iceberg. Parents hire the services of babysitters they don’t know and thus put their children at risk.

One of the things that should be done to minimize such regrettable cases is a simple background check that might prevent you from exposing your kids to people with a dubious character.  Gloria Fields who sodomized a toddler in New York (see above) had a history of 9 arrests for larceny and possession of stolen property. Would you put your children under the care of such a person? offers you an arrest records search service that provides comprehensive criminal history reports on any person living in Florida and other US states. It is an easy to use and accurate tool that will make you and your family much safer.

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