Jan 16, 2017

The 3 Weirdest Crimes that Occurred in Florida in 2016

Weirdest Crimes that Occurred in Florida in 2016

Last year gave rise to unusual criminal cases. Here are three weirdest crimes that occurred in Florida in 2016.

Jumping from a building

On December 22, a man jumped from the 22nd floor of a 32-story apartment building in Orlando. What seemed as a suicidal jump to passers-by turned out to be skydiving stunt. The jumper opened a parachute after a couple of second of freefalling and landed safely on the street.

He was not captured by the police and even if he had been captured and apprehended, there is no specific law in Florida that prohibits a person from parachute jumping in an urban area. At worst, he can be charged with trespassing into the building from which he jumped.

A man dies after breaking into someone’s home naked

These crime is too weird to believe that it actually happened. On September 17, a 40 year old male called James Raines broke into a house in Ocala in Marion County. Three things made this crime unusually strange. First, the burglar was stark naked. Second, he assaulted the residents by biting them. Third, the victims were able to restrain the attacker and call the sheriff who took him to a nearby hospital where he died.

The cause of death is not yet known, but it is most likely that James Raines died as a result of consuming too much alcohol and drugs. That was what made the sheriff take him to hospital to begin with.

Burying your boss and then beating him

Many of us have fantasized more than once about beating our boss. Here is a guy who fulfilled this fantasy…It all started as an argument in a construction site between a 37 year old employee and his 57 year old boss in June. Suddenly things went out of control. The employee, Erick A. Cox, dumped dirt on his boss, Perry A. Byrd, pinning him to the surface. Then followed another load of dirt which covered the poor boss up to his waist.

According to his arrest record, Cox started hitting the helpless Perry Byrd with an aluminum rod. Cox now faces a charge of aggravated battery. He got out of jail with a $5,000 bond. He is awaiting his court hearing scheduled for January 24.

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