Miami Police Department and Crime Rates

Miami Police Department (also known as City of Miami Police or MPD) is responsible for enforcing the law, maintaining order and investigating crimes in the Municipal area of Miami (55.2 square mile). It consists of close to 1,100 officers. 80 per cent of them are males; the remaining 20 per cent includes female officers. The MPD’s personnel are multiracial. More than 50 percent are Hispanic, close to 30 per cent are Afro-Americans and the rest are White.

MPD Officers cover the city’s northern, central and the southern districts. Currently, Manuel Orosa is the chief of police. He is aided by a Deputy Chief and an Assistance Chief.

In 2014, the 628,000 911 emergency calls were made in the city. MPD average response time was 5 minutes. This is considered one of the fastest in the United States.   In 2010 the department was given a special award by the Association of Chiefs of Police for the high standard of service it provides the local residents.

Crime rates

Miami is considered safer than only 4% of the cities in the entire United States. This figure is indeed bad news for the residents who suffered from 27,127 crimes that were committed in the city in 2013. The number of violent crimes reached 4,856 and it included 69 murders, 65 rape cases, 2,096 robberies and 2,626 assaults. The average number of crimes per 1 square mile was 473 (6.7 times higher than the state’s rate).

How to carry out a background check in Miami

We advise doing a Miami-Dade warrant search by turning to the sheriff office. Their current address is:

Miami-Dade Police Department
9105 NW 25 ST
Doral, Fl 33172
M-F. 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Alternatively you can call their records division at 305-471-3220 or use their electronic warrant information tool which can be accessed here.

The county clerk’s criminal court services offer information on where to look for arrest records by contacting either the Circuit Criminal for misdemeanor arrests or the Circuit Criminal for felony arrests.

Finding Miami public records

The city clerk is in charge of storing public records so you should contact them for information. They are located at:

3500  Pan American Drive
Miami, Florida 33133
Phone: (305)250-5360
Fax: (305)858-1610

The County’s clerk has an online official records search tool. They also have an electronic case search for finding court records.