Baker County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

To find out whether you or anyone of your acquaintances has a Baker County arrest warrant on his/her name, you should do one of the following:

  • Conduct a warrant query at the sheriff office (at 1 Sheriff’s Office Drive, Macclenny, Florida 32063). You are also recommended to visit their most wanted webpage to see if someone you know is on the list. Beware – in case your query indicates the existence of an outstanding warrant with your name on it, visiting the sheriff office might lead to your arrest.
  • Enter the online public access system powered by the Florida Crime Information Center. It includes a search program that enables access to warrant information coming from the sheriff offices in all of FL counties.
  • On the upper part of this page, there is a background check tool which will show you relevant criminal information on any individual living in each one of the state’s counties. We highly recommend this tool for a Baker County warrant search since it is confidential and highly reliable.

Tips that might help you perform an arrest search

The county’s correction bureau will give you relevant and updated inmate information. You can reach them by phone at 904-259-3311. They are accessible 24 hours.

We also advise looking for Baker County arrest records on the criminal information webpage powered by The Florida Department of Law Enforcement. There you can view a person’s criminal history (including instances of arrests). This search option cost 24 dollars.

Finally, you can carry out an inmate search on the Florida Department of Corrections official website. They provide two search tools: The first reveals information on current inmates that populates FL correctional facilities; the second displays information on former inmates.

Baker County public records

The website of the clerk of court provides easy access to public records and court dockets search tools. The latter displays court records which unfold a person’s history of convictions.

Crime data

2013 data reveal that 94 violent crimes took place in the county throughout the year. Police arrested 1,107 adults (853 males and 256 females) and 42 minors. Rate of violence was 464, which is quite high. According to the sheriff office, on May 15th, 2014 – 510 inmates populated the county jail.