Bradford County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

The release of Bradford County arrest warrants follows the same rules and procedures that can be found in other FL counties. Based on the voluminous Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure, an agent of the law ought to persuade a judge that a probable cause can be established to justify the issuing of an arrest warrant. The moment that a judge signs the warrant, it becomes active and the police have the legal right to search for the suspect and apprehend him or her. An arrest warrant must contain the following details: The suspect’s full name and a description of the offense.

Not all warrants are executed; those that are not, are categorized as outstanding warrants. Bear in mind that the term “outstanding” does not mean that they have lost their validity. They can still lead to the suspect’s arrest.

So where can you find arrest warrants?

You should commence your Bradford County warrant search at the sheriff office. Their website has a new public information section on which you can trace persons with active arrest warrants. The website also specifies the counties most wanted persons. For further details, you can phone them at (904) 966-6161.

You can do a statewide warrant query utilizing the public access system operated by the Florida Crime Information Center, or you may resort to the search tool above. The latter will reveal a person’s full criminal background while covering the entire array of FL counties. Your search will be kept confidential.

How can you do an arrest search?

During 2012 and 2013, 4,513 arrests were made by Bradford County police forces. To find out whether a person you know is part of these statistics, you can use the public information section on the sheriff’s website for the purpose of an inmate search.

To extend your query to get older Bradford County arrest records, use the FDLA (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) criminal information page to reveal the full criminal and arrest history of your search subject. Prior to using this data bank, you will have to issue a payment of 24 dollars.

Bradford county public records

Owing to the 1909 Public Records Law (chapter 119) and the 1967 Sunshine Law (chapter 286), governmental and official records are considered public records anyone in Florida can see. To see these records in Bradford County, you should attend the clerk of courts office. Their address is 945 North Temple Ave. Starke, FL 32091. For our purposes, it is highly advisable to try and obtain court records since they specify a person history of convictions and are, thus, necessary for a background check.

Crime information

In 2013 there were, all in all, 128 violent crimes all across the county. These crimes included 1 murder, 16 sex crimes, 11 robberies and 100 aggravated assaults. These numbers are almost identical to 2012. It means that, unfortunately, a major improvement in crime rates has not taken place in the last 2 years.