Calhoun County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

To run a complete background check on a person in Calhoun County, FL, you will need 3 crucial legal documents: arrest records, outstanding warrants and court records.

How you can carry out an arrest search

Calhoun County arrest records can be retrieved as part of a larger Florida arrest search. The FDLA (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) operates a criminal search tool that reveals a person’s history of arrests and other details about his / her criminal past. Results reflect data coming from all over the state. This information is not cheap as you will be asked to pay 24 dollars every time you run a check on a different person.

If you wish to demarcate your search and stay focused on Calhoun County, we advise that you try to contact the county jail and ask for information on current and past inmates. You can call the Jail Administrator at 850-674-5049 or send an email to

Performing a warrant check

The sheriff office will assist you in acquiring updated information on Calhoun County arrest warrants. Since there is no search option on their website, you will have to get the information in person by paying them a visit.

For an online Calhoun County warrant search, we recommend trying the wanted persons search that can be found on the webpage of the Florida Crime Information Center. This online tool allows you to view outstanding warrants issued throughout the entire state.

On top of this article you will come across another useful search tool whose purpose is to provide as many details as possible on a person’s criminal background. As a searcher, you will remain anonymous to other users and the person whom you are checking will have no way of knowing he / she has been checked.

Recovering Calhoun County Court records

Court records probably provide the most important information when it comes to checking a criminal background. They can tell whether a person has been convicted of a crime (a person can be arrested many times and still not have any criminal record if he was not found guilty in court).

To find these records in Calhoun County, you can either go to the clerk of courts office (20859 Central Ave. E. Rm 130. Blountstown, FL 32424 ) and conduct an inquiry or you can choose the easier and more comfortable way of doing an online search from the comfort of your personal computer. The system will guide you regarding the fields you will have to fill in.

Crime Statistics

2013 was a relatively quiet and safe year for Calhoun County’s 14,691 residents. Violent rate was 123.1. Based on police reports, 8 rapes were committed in the county in addition to 1 robbery and 8 aggravated assaults. Sadly, there was one murder unlike the previous year which had zero murder cases. Police forces carried out 488 arrests (47 arrests included minors).