Clay County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

A Clay County arrest warrant is released by police demand after a judge had signed it. The warrant gives the police the power to arrest a suspect the moment he / she is located.
Arrest Warrants that have not been executed (that is, the police have not been able to detain the suspect) are legally termed outstanding warrants. Similar to other counties across Florida, Clay County outstanding warrants remain in effect indefinitely and, unless expunged, they can cause a person to be apprehended at any point in the future. For that reason, it is imperative that you find out whether you are wanted by the police.

How to find out if there is a warrant for your arrest?

Your starting point for a Clay County warrant search is the sheriff office. You will get the most accurate results by paying them a visit and asking for the information you need. Their address is Clay County (FL) Sheriff’s Office. 901 North Orange Avenue. The phone number for non-emergency calls is (904) 284-7575.

In case you wish to remain anonymous, you may refer to the wanted list that appears on the sheriff’s website. This list is organized in an alphabetical order and it can show you the persons against whom arrest warrants have been issued in the county. Nevertheless, as exhaustive as this list may seem to be, the information it conveys is not as accurate as the information you will get from a visit to the sheriff office.

Performing an arrest search

A person’s arrest history is a prominent element of his / her criminal background. To view Clay County arrest records, turn to the online inmate search on the sheriff’s website. It can be accessed here. This service will show recent arrests. So for a more comprehensive check, you will need to go the criminal information electronic database maintained by Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Using this service will cost you 24 dollars (per search).

Furthermore, the search form above makes it possible to track down a person’s full criminal history (arrest records as well as arrest warrant) quickly and efficiently. Confidentiality is guaranteed.

Recovering Clay County public records

The clerk of courts can help you with finding Clay County court records. These records unfold a person’s history of convictions and are necessary for a background search. The Criminal Court Actions page has an option for an online case search for criminal as well as civil court dockets.

Crime Information

Throughout 2013, police authorities made 7,809 arrests in the county. Violent rate was 341 (a drop of close to 18% from previous year’s rate). All in all, 659 violent crimes were committed in the course of the year, which is relatively low compared to larger Florida counties. Florida Department of Law Enforcement reports about 3 murder cases as well as 103 severe sex offenses, 91 robberies and 462 cases of aggravated assault.