Columbia County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

An arrest warrant in Columbia County, Florida empowers the police to detain a suspect for questioning. For the warrant to be approved and signed by a judge, the police are obligated to present sufficient evidence that a crime has indeed been perpetrated and an arrest is thus justified.

If the police fail to take the suspect into custody, the warrant does not lose its validity. It becomes an outstanding warrant and it will still enable any law enforcement officer to make an arrest.

Accessing Criminal Databases

To start a Columbia County warrant search, you should reach the Records Division at the sheriff office and ask to look through their databases. They are located at 4917 East US Highway 90 Lake City, FL 32055. Using the same address, you can issue a request via U.S. Mail. In addition, you may try to call them (386-752-9212) and ask for information via the phone.

If you want to do an online search, we advise using the public access system run by Florida Crime Information Center. This system displays Florida most wanted persons. The information is extracted from all of FL law enforcement agencies.

To find Columbia County arrest records you should run an inmate search on the sheriff’s website. You can either find those who are currently detained or those who have already been released.

To perform a wider arrest search, you should access the criminal history information webpage managed by Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It will allow you to view the criminal history of FL residents. Each search costs 24 dollars.

If you desire to save time and perform a background check on a person using one comprehensive source, refer to the search box on top of this page. It offers a confidential online query that will display all arrest records and warrants issued in Columbia County (and other FL counties). The information is derived from highly reliable criminal databases.

Looking for Columbia County Public Records

Next step on your criminal background search ought to include court records. Court records are public records kept by the county’s clerk of courts. On their website you can do a case search which specifies a person’s past convictions. You can find other official records as well.

Crime Data

Extremely high violent rate of 693.4 in 2013 made the county prone to frequent crime incidents. Indeed, throughout that year, 468 violent crimes were reported. Some of these crimes were severe as they included 7 murders, 29 forcible sex crimes, 45 robberies and 387 aggravated assaults. Police responded with 2,834 arrests.