DeSoto County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

The aim of the following article is to explain readers how to undertake a DeSoto County warrant search. But before we begin, it will be useful to understand how the legal mechanism of arrest warrants works in Florida.

If the police are interested in apprehending a suspect, they need to convince a judge to sign an arrest order. A judge will be willing to do it only if he believes there is enough evidence that indicates that the suspect has indeed committed an offense. Once signed, the arrest order becomes an active warrant which authorizes the police to make an arrest. In case the warrant is not executed, it becomes an outstanding warrant, yet it remains an effective arrest order which can result in the suspect being arrested no matter how much time has elapsed.

Recommended sources for a warrant inquiry

To carry out a local background check, you will be required to go to the record department run by the sheriff office. They are open from eight to five in the afternoon during the week. You will have to pay $5 for this service (They accept only cash). Their address is 208 East Cypress Street. Arcadia, FL 34266. Their phone number is 863-993-4700.

The public access system of the Florida Crime Information Center includes an online search tool which reveals crime information delivered from all of the counties around the state.

Another recommended source is the search form located on top of the article. Results will show DeSoto County arrest warrants and arrest records. The search also covers the rest of FL counties. The searcher’s confidentiality is strictly preserved.

Undertaking an arrest search and finding court records

The sheriff’s official website provides an inmate search page with a couple of search parameters which include current or past inmates, name, type of charge and arrest date.

To initiate a more through inquiry, go to the criminal history electronic database which is managed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. For a fee of 24 dollars, you can extract criminal information on any person in Florida.

To get a full picture regarding a person’s criminal background, DeSoto County arrest records will not suffice. You will have to obtain court records which specify prior convictions in court. To do that, you are advised to go the records search section on the clerk of courts website. It will enable you to extract information on court cases.

Crime Statistics

Throughout 2013, police incarcerated 1,886 suspects in the county. 185 violent crimes were reported (2 murders, 15 sex offenses, 21 robberies and 147 aggravated assaults). The rate of violence was relatively high, 538.3 (23.5% higher than 2012).