Dixie County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Similar to other counties in Florida, in Dixie County police can arrest a person if one of two conditions is met: He is caught while committing a crime. Alternatively, he can be arrested based on an arrest warrant.

To issue a Dixie County arrest warrant, police are obligated to acquire the approval of a judge after convincing him that a probable cause for an arrest exists. The moment the warrant is in the system, it is referred to as outstanding until the suspect is either detained or turns himself in.

Undertaking a warrant query

The records section on the sheriff’s website gives instructions on how to conduct a background check on a person in the county:

1) You can issue a formal request by arriving at the sheriff office (214 NE 351 Highway, Suite L). You will get the information without any delay (unless the specific case is still being investigated)

2) You can file a request to view a person’s criminal history via US Mail. The information will be sent back to you (Do not forget to mention a return address) no later than 5 business days.

Of course, you can also carry out a Dixie County warrant search on the Internet. The Florida Crime Information Center has a Public Access System that shows FL outstanding warrants. Furthermore, the search tool above derives its information from a large criminal database that will allow you to thoroughly check a person’s background. The searcher need not provide any personal details and his / her search remains confidential.

Finding Dixie County arrest records and court records

The Detention Facility section on the sheriff’s website provides general information such as the booking process in Dixie County jail, visitation information, money for inmates, etc. It provides neither an inmate search tool nor any data on arrest records.

Therefore we recommend visiting two useful websites:

A person’s record of arrest, no matter how detailed it is, does not show his / her past convictions. To view a person’s court history, you will need to look for court records. The county’s clerk of courts website refers its visitors to an electronic search that assists in recovering these records.

Crime information

From 2012 – 2013, the number of violent crimes that were perpetrated in the county increased by 9 (58 in 2012 and 67 in 2013). In 2013, one murder was reported in addition to 7 crimes of sexual nature, 6 robberies and 53 cases of aggravated assaults. In 2012 police carried out 612 arrests. A year later the number dropped to 596.