Flagler County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

If there is a Flagler County warrant for your arrest, you will most likely be apprehended sooner or later. Worse than that, your arrest might come as a total surprise to you. It may happen while you dine in a restaurant, while you are on a date, during a license check or even when you sit comfortably in front of your TV at home. This is because an arrest warrant authorizes any law enforcement official to incarcerate you the moment you are located. Even if you manage to evade an arrest for a while, there will still be an outstanding warrant on your name. Therefore, it will be wise to check if you have unresolved issues with the police and hire a lawyer if the need arises.

Finding out whether there is a warrant for your arrest

The sheriff office is the main source for a Flagler County warrant search. They are located at 1001 Justice Lane, Bunnell, Florida, 32110. Be careful, if you decide to reach their office and look for information on yourself and if it is revealed that there is a warrant on your name, you might be taken into custody.

So to avoid such a risk you may choose to opt for online sources. One of these is the public search tool offered by the Florida Crime Information Center. It will reveal FL arrest warrants based on information delivered from the state’s county sheriffs. Since it is a statewide database, there is a possibility that the results you will get will be less precise than the information you will garner from Flagler County sheriff.

Another valuable source for a criminal background check is the search box located above this article. Using it, you will be able to view arrest warrants and arrest records related to Flagler County and the rest of FL counties. The service is confidential.

Carrying out an arrest search

The sheriff office website provides an online search page that will assist you in obtaining Flagler county arrest records. Search results will reveal the following data:

  • Arrestee’s full name and gender
  • Date of birth
  • Physical description
  • Booking date and release date
  • Inmate number
  • Charges filed against the arrestee
  • The arrestee’s photo

Another source for an inmate search is Florida Department of Corrections. They offer an online inmate locator service that will tell you who is currently held in the county jail and in state prisons.

Finding public and court records

The clerk of courts is responsible for keeping Flagler County public records. If you are seeking the county’s court records, it is advised using their electronic case search tool. This valuable information is useful for learning whether the subject of your search has ever been convicted in court.

Crime Data

With a population of less than 100,000 people, Flagler County suffered from a relatively high rate of violence (294.3) in 2013. As a response, police initiated close to 3,000 arrests.

288 violent crimes were recorded. The county’s population had to put up with 3 murders, 42 sexually oriented crimes, 186 aggravated assaults and 57 robbery cases.