Franklin County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Thanks to Florida FOIA you can gain access to governmental records which are necessary to run a background check on a person whom you suspect has a criminal history. This person can be someone you have started seeing lately (and who might become your boyfriend or girlfriend), your children’s nanny, a new neighbor or just one of your colleagues at work.

How can you check a person’s background?

First of all you will need to know if that person has a warrant on his or her name. Franklin county arrest warrants can be searched at the sheriff office. They are located at 270 State Road 65. Eastpoint, Florida 32328.

If you want to save the time of going to the sheriff office, you can opt for a Franklin County warrant search on the Internet. The Florida Crime Information Center provides a most wanted persons database you can utilize to perform a warrant check that covers all of FL counties.

The Database to which this website is connected (to run a search go above) can be utilized to extract information on FL outstanding warrants and arrest records. The searcher’s confidentiality is kept throughout all the stages of the search.

How can you undertake an arrest search?

The sheriff’s website has an arrest page that shows previous month’s arrestees. Those who are interested in more detailed information can do an inmate search on the Florida Department of Corrections website by visiting the inmate population page and the offender information page. These two online sources will help you locate past and present inmates in FL correctional facilities.

Information on Franklin County arrest records can be extracted from the FDLA criminal history data bank. Search results will include a person’s criminal history and so can provide you with valuable information. However, for each search you will run, they will require you to pay a fee of 24 dollars. If you are going to use this data bank more than once, it can be expensive.

Finding Franklin County court records

The website managed by the county’s clerk of courts links to a case dockets search page which will help you locate court records. These records will tell you whether a person has ever been convicted of a crime in a Florida court of law. Take into account that arrest records will not give you this kind of information. Therefore court dockets are a very important element in a background check.

Crime statistics

We can learn from the FDLE official crime reports that from 2012 to 2013 there was a steep decrease in violent rate in the county (from 797.9 to 294.1). This is, indeed, good news for the residents. In 2012 one homicide case was reported in the county. In 2013, there were no murder cases reported. In 2012 there were 16 sex offenses while in 2013 the number dropped to 6. In 2012 there were 74 aggravated assaults and in 2013 there were only 24. The number of arrests in 2013 also decreased compared to 2012 (983 vs. 1,055). No doubt that the county’s police forces were doing a great job last year.