Gadsden County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Your daughter started dating a new guy and you feel there is something fishy about him. This is one example (and we can think of many others) of why you would be interested in doing a Gadsden County warrant search. You can never know what you may come up with and it is better to be safe than sorry.

Therefore, the question arises: where can you find Gadsden County arrest warrants? First and foremost, in order to perform a background check on anyone who resides in the county, you should go to the records section operated by the sheriff office.

You will be asked to provide the following details: the person’s full name, date of birth and social security number. The service costs 2 dollars (They do not accept credit cards, only cash or check). Their address is Gadsden County Sheriff’s Office, 339 East Jefferson Street, Quincy, Florida 32351.  Their phone number for further questions is (850) 875-8817.

If you lack the required details mentioned above and if you need to broaden your search to cover all of Florida outstanding warrants, you should refer to the wanted person search tool made available by the Florida Crime Information Center. This computerized database contains criminal information arriving from all of FL counties.

You should also take into consideration the search option provided by this website (refer to the search box above). It will show you arrest records and warrants released in Gadsden County and so will enable you to view a person’s criminal history. Your search will be strictly confidential.

Performing an arrest search

The sheriff’s Office Public Information Web Site offers an inmate lookup tool that will display those who are detained in the county jail.

Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains a comprehensive criminal history database that can aid you in your attempts to trace Gadsden County arrest records. Delving into this database will cost you 24 dollars.

In addition, Florida Department of Corrections puts at your disposal an online tool for inmate search. Results will unfold names of people held in the state’s correctional facilities.

Gadsden County court records

For the purpose of a criminal background check, you ought to make a real effort to find a person’s court records as they unfold his / her past convictions. The clerk of courts stores Gadsden County public records which include court records. These records can be recovered using an online case search tool which is accessible here.

Crime Statistics

Throughout 2013, a total of 191 violent crimes took place in the county. These crimes consisted of 3 murders, 19 sex offenses, 20 robberies and 149 aggravated assault cases. Police responded with 1,712 arrests.