Gilchrist County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Gilchrist County arrest warrants empower any peace officer to arrest people who are believed to have broken the law. If not served, they become outstanding warrants; that is, they remain in the system as a valid arrest order until the suspect is apprehended or turns himself in.
You have a couple of alternatives for a Gilchrist County warrant search.
Located at 9239 South US 129, Trenton, Florida 32693, the sheriff office will be able to provide you with updated information on the county’s wanted persons.

Bear in mind that if you are one of them, visiting the sheriff office will turn out to be a one way ticket as you will end up in jail.

You may decide to conduct a warrant query on the computerized public access system managed by the Florida Crime Information Center. It is a recommended tool that will help you obtain updated criminal information relevant to the entire state.

The search service this website offers (see above) will inform you of outstanding warrants issued in Gilchrist County and other state’s counties. This search service is built to preserve the searcher’s anonymity while providing accurate and trustworthy results.

Available options for an arrest search

If you are willing to pay 24 dollars, the criminal history information webpage (constantly updated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement) will assist you in retrieving Gilchrist County arrest records. It unfolds the criminal history of all of FL residents.

To focus your inquiry on Gilchrist County alone, you are advised to contact the division of corrections to obtain information on current inmates (their phone number is 352-463-3410). The sheriff’s website is supposed to have a current inmate search tool, but at the time this article was written it malfunctioned.

Gilchrist County public records

Turn to the clerk of courts website to retrieve the county’s official and public records. For your information, the website directs you to another webpage where you can look for court records to learn whether the person on whom you run your inquiry has ever been convicted of a crime.

Crime Data

Gilchrist County enjoys relatively low crime rates. Throughout the 12 months of 2013, police made 351 arrests (325 arrests included adults and 26 juveniles). There were only 36 crimes that included violence. Sadly, there was one murder and three forcible sex offenses. Furthermore, 2 robberies and 30 aggravated assaults cases were added to the county’s official crime data.