Gulf County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Many concerned people undertake a Gulf County warrant search every year to find out whether they or their kin are wanted by the police. It makes sense to do so. An outstanding warrant makes you liable to an arrest at any given moment, and so it is recommended to solve any problem you might have with police as soon as possible.

So where can you find Gulf County arrest warrants?

The answer to that lies first of all at the sheriff office. Their website does not include a search option, but you can come across the information you need by checking their offline criminal data bank. Therefore, it can be very helpful to visit the office in person (They can be found at 1000 Cecil G. Costin Sr. Blvd. Port St. Joe, Florida 32456). You ought to bear in mind, though, that if an arrest warrant has been issued against you, the sheriff or his deputies will not hesitate to arrest you.

If you want to stick to an online search, you should consider visiting the public access system supervised by the Florida Crime Information Center. It provides a search tool connected to data that flow from all of FL police stations. Results will show you the state’s outstanding warrants.

Where can you find Gulf County arrest records?

The sheriff’s website shows an arrest log that displays all arrests that have been carried out throughout the year. The log is divided to months and it provides the arrestee’s photo, description of offense and booking date.

In case you seek more detailed information that goes back further in time, Florida Department of Law Enforcement maintains a computerized criminal data bank that reveals the arrest history of FL offenders. To use it, be prepared to pay 24 dollars for each check you are going to run.

In addition, we recommend resorting to the search tool this site offers (the form above). It was built to show searchers a person’s full background (especially his / her outstanding warrants and arrest records). Its main advantages are confidentiality and reliability.

Accessing Gulf County public records

The clerk of courts keeps most of the county’s public records. On their website you will find links for a court records search and an official records search. Court records will help you know if the person you are checking has a history of convictions in court.

Crime Statistics

In 2012, violent rate in the county was 336.  A year later it rose to 444 (a 32.1% increase). The number of violent crimes in 2012 was 69. In 2013 it rose to 93. This is indeed a major deterioration and hopefully, 2014 statistics will show an improvement. Police initiated 818 arrests in 2013 while a year earlier the number was higher – 885.