Hamilton County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

There are multiple offline and online sources for a Hamilton County warrant search. We recommended starting your query at the sheriff office. Their address is P.O. Drawer A, Jasper, 32052-0541. They can also be reached by phone by dialing 386-792-2004. Their databases contain valuable criminal information related to the county.

Regarding online sources, Florida Crime Information Center offers users access to a search tool that shows FL outstanding warrant on the basis of information it constantly gets from police data banks all over the state.

Moreover, you can run your warrant check with the search option on this website (fill in the details above). Results will disclose Hamilton County outstanding warrants and arrest records. Data related to the rest of FL counties will be shown as well. You do not have to be worried – your confidentiality will be preserved.

Initiating an arrest search

The sheriff office does not disclose information on the county’s inmates, so we recommend using alternative sources:

  • To run an inmate search, go to the website of the Florida Department of Corrections and use the population information search (to locate current inmates) and the offender information search (to locate past inmates).
  • To recover Hamilton County arrest records, run your check on the criminal history information page which is constantly updated by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It will disclose a person’s criminal history, his / her arrests in particular.

Hamilton County public records

Florida FOIA enables everyone to view the county’s public records. The best place to view them is to visit the clerk of courts office located at 207 NE 1st Street, Room 106. Jasper, FL 32052. Phone:  (386) 792-1288. Fax: (386) 792-3524. It is also possible to send them a request via e-mail (Hamiltonclerk@flcjn.net). Beware! All e-mails you will send them will automatically become public records anyone can see.

One last note, the clerk of courts can also help you recover court records that disclose a person’s convictions. This information is necessary for a full background check.

Crime Statistics

You might be tempted to believe that small counties are safer in terms of crime rates. This rule does not apply to Hamilton with its high violent rate of 413 in 2013. Sixty seven violent crimes were committed in the course of that year. They included one murder, 13 forcible sex offenses (6 rapes), 8 robberies and 45 cases of aggravated assaults. Police combated crime with 718 arrests of which 31 involved minors.