Hardee County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Information on Hardee County arrest warrants can be garnered from a variety of sources. Supervised by the sheriff office, the county’s warrants unit is in charge of storing and maintaining criminal information extracted from federal, state and local data banks. They provide service to those interested in doing background check on other persons. To gain access to this service, pay them a visit at 900 East Summit St. Wauchula, Florida 33873.

We recommend two additional online sources. The first source is the public access system maintained by The Florida Crime

Information Center. This is a computerized archive that will lay out FL outstanding warrants (for your information, outstanding warrants are warrants that were not executed, yet they still function as a valid arrest order).

The second source consists of the search tool above. By filling in a person’s name, you will gain access to his or her criminal history that includes, among the rest, Hardee County warrants and arrest records. This search option also shows results for other counties in the state. Confidentiality and reliability are guaranteed.

Basic guidelines for an arrest search

Data on Hardee County arrest records can be retrieved from two main sources:

1) The Criminal History Information page is an electronic database supervised by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. After paying $24, you will be able to conduct a background check on every person at state level. Results will present the subject’s history of arrests.

2) Florida Department of Corrections operates 2 electronic inmate search tools for finding current and former inmates that have served time in the state’s correctional facilities (For present inmates, go here. For past inmates, go here).

Locating Hardee County public records

The clerk of courts website gives visitors the option to conduct an online search for official records and court records. Court records present a person history of convictions and therefore are important element of his / her background.

Crime data

2013 was relatively a quiet year in Hardee County with only 74 violent crimes. Police made 1,752 arrests. Violent rate reached 267.3.