Hendry County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

At first it might seem a little complicated to initiate a Hendry County warrant search. However, when taking into account the numerous offline and online sources available to the public, one realizes how simple it can be.

To start your warrant inquiry, we would suggest reaching the sheriff office and asking their permission to access their criminal data bank. To remind you, Florida Freedom of Information Act legally enables you to view outstanding warrants which are, in fact, cataloged as Hendry County public records. Arrest warrants issued against minors are not presented, but the rest are available for public inspection.

The sheriff office has three main locations: the main office is at 101 S.Bridge Street Labelle, FL 33935 (phone no. 863-674-5600); the Clewiston Office is at 100 East El Paso Ave. Clewiston, FL 33440 (phone no. 863-805-5000); and the Port LaBelle Annex is at 9045 SE Raintree Blvd. Labelle, FL 33935 (phone no. 863-674-5600).

Regarding online sources, we advise using the public access system maintained by the Florida Crime Information Center. This service includes an electronic data bank that contains warrant information encompassing the entire state.

Furthermore, the search form above makes it possible for you to run a comprehensive background check on any person living in each of FL counties. This is a recommended source to find Hendry County outstanding warrants and arrest records. Your search will be strictly confidential.

Performing an arrest inquiry

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The sheriff’s website offers the public an online inmate search tool that provides details on the county’s arrestees, such as their birth of date, custody status, booking history, address, physical description and a photo.

It is also possible to find Hendry County arrest records by resorting to the electronic data bank managed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. Search results show a person’s criminal history (The service entails a payment of 24 dollars).

It is important to note that your arrest search will not disclose any information on court convictions. To find a person’s history of convictions, we suggest doing a case search on the clerk of courts website. They have a special section where you can find court docket.

Crime Data

In 2013, the county’s rate of violence was exceptionally high (714.1). 270 violent crimes were reported, which is quite a lot for a population of 37,808. The county’s police forces dealt with 2 murders, 35 sex crimes, 24 robberies and 209 aggravated assaults. They carried out 3,359 arrests.