Hernando County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

For Hernando County arrest warrant to become active, it must be approved by a judge. This approval is based on a probable cause that a crime had indeed been committed by the suspect to the extent that there is a justification for an arrest. Nevertheless, it does not necessarily indicate that the person against whom the warrant has been released is guilty of any crime. Guilt is established only in court.

There are many instances in which the police cannot locate and apprehend the suspect and so the warrant against him / her becomes an outstanding warrant. However, a person can still

be detained based on an outstanding warrant no matter how much time has elapsed.

How can you check if there is a Hernando County outstanding warrant for your arrest?

For a Hernando County warrant search there is no better place than the sheriff office. They will not give you any information on the phone. You will have to physically arrive at their office and make the inquiry.
Their address is:

Hernando County Sheriff’s Office
18900 Cortez Blvd.
Brooksville, FL 34601

If you go to the Public Records Search tab on the sheriff’s website and click on Local Warrants, you will be directed to an online wanted persons search where you will be able to locate people whose names appear on Hernando County arrest warrants.

How can you perform an arrest search?

To gain access to Hernando County arrest records, it is advisable to use the online inquiry tool provided by the sheriff office. You can also refer to county detention center websitefor the purpose of conducting Hernando County inmate search.

If you want to find everything in one place (warrants, arrest records and a person’s full criminal background), we suggest using the search form on this site. Results are highly reliable and your inquiry is 100 per cent confidential.

Where can you recover Hernando County public records?

The website of the clerk of courts contains an online search for official records. You can also do a case search here to find Hernando County court records and learn about a person’s history of convictions and criminal records.

Crime Data

In 2013, 469 violent crimes were investigated by the sheriff office. These included 8 murders, 42 serious sex offenses, 70 robberies and 349 aggravated assaults. Violent rate was almost 270. There was a total number of 7,475 arrests.