Hillsborough County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Before you initiate a Hillsborough warrant search, there are some things you should know. Like all FL counties, Hillsborough County arrest warrants require the formal approval of a judge. A judge will sign a warrant on a basis of a probable cause that shows sufficient grounds for an arrest. The moment he signs it, it becomes an active warrant and it empowers any law enforcement officer to incarcerate you on the spot.

If an arrest is not carried out, the warrant is regarded as an outstanding warrant. But make no mistake; it still gives any police officer full right to put you in custody. So if you suspect you are wanted by the police, you are advised to speak to a lawyer without any delay.

How and where can you start a Hillsborough County warrant search?

To search for arrest warrants in Hillsborough County, you should utilize the resources the county sheriff office makes accessible to you. They have an online search section that give access to most of the county’s official arrest orders.

If you want to carry out an arrest search, the sheriff website can also help you. They have an online database that enables to initiate a Hillsborough County arrest records search.

Of course, the best way to find criminal records is to physically arrive at the sheriff office. The stuff there can guide you through the search and help you come up with exactly what you need. The sheriff office address is Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office, P.O. Box 3371. Tampa, FL 33601. You should know that if it is discovered that there is a warrant carrying your name, you will probably get arrested.

For a wider Florida warrant search beyond the borders of Hillsborough County, you can do a wanted person check using the public access system administered by The Florida Crime Information Center.

Finding Hillsborough County public records

You can view Hillsborough County public records, civil as well as court records, on the clerk of courts website. Take into account that if you intend to recover past court dockets you must give precise information on the subject of your inquiry, such as his / her full date of birth or the exact file date of the document you need. You will not always have all those details.

A highly recommended tool is the search form above. It allows you to carry out an extensive criminal history search for Hillsborough County in a quick, simple and efficient manner without stepping out of your house and without giving your personal details to any law enforcement agency.

Hillsborough County Crime Rates and Statistics

With 76,251 people incarcerated in 2013, Hillsborough County constitutes a significant share of the total number of Florida arrests for that year. Throughout 2013 there were 4,366 violent crimes in the county. This number included 63 homicide cases, 430 sex crimes, 1108 robberies and 2,765 cases of aggravated assault.

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