Jackson County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Finding Jackson County arrest warrants is not as complex as you might think. Owing to Florida FOIA (also known as Florida Sunshine Law from 1995), many governmental and legal records are accessible to the public. There is no reason why you should not utilize it to obtain warrant information and run a background check on persons suspicious of having a criminal history.

Recommended sources for obtaining warrant information

Use the following sources to conduct a Jackson County warrant search:

1) The county’s sheriff office is located at 4012 Lafayette Street, Marianna, FL 32447. Paying them a visit will enable you to go over their criminal database. Remember, if there is an outstanding warrant against you, you will probably get arrested. So in case you believe you may be wanted by the police, we would suggest postponing your visit to the sheriff office until all matters are legally resolved.

2) The Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLA) operates a sexual predators online search that will assist you in locating sexual offenders.

3) You can perform a statewide warrant search at the public access system operated by the Florida Crime Information Center. This electronic database is fed with information from police stations located all over Florida.

Sources for an arrest check

To obtain Jackson County arrest records, we suggest using the FDLA statewide database for criminal history information. Also doing an FL inmates search using the online search tool provided by Florida Department of Corrections will shed light on people locked in the state’s correctional facilities.

If you intend to focus on one reliable source to get all the information you need (including Jackson County arrest records and warrants) and to perform a detailed background search on any individual, turn to the search form on top of this article (the search is strictly confidential).

Jackson County Public Records

The clerk of courts is responsible for providing the county’s residents with access to formal public records. They have a section on their website that enables visitors to look for court records (https://www2.myfloridacounty.com/ccm/?county=32) and, therefore, see a person’s history of convictions.

Crime Data

In the course of 2013, police made 1,714 arrests in the county. Rate of violence was 384.7 – seven percent lower than the preceding year. 193 violent crimes occurred within the county’s territory (3 murders, 14 serious sex offenses, 19 robberies and 157 aggravated assaults).