Lafayette County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

If you plan to conduct a Lafayette County warrant search, you should come into the sheriff office or phone them at (386) 294-1222. They will be happy to give information regarding the existence or status of a warrant and grant any other request for public records.

Florida Crime Information Center manages an online public access system which enables users to check for the existence of outstanding warrants in the entire state.

The search box on the top of this page will enable you to locate FL arrest warrants and arrest records by typing the full name of the person you are searching. Your confidentiality is guaranteed.

Another tool for a background check is the FDLA online criminal history database which will display a person’s criminal past. It is recommended using this tool to get Lafayette County arrest records as well as records belonging to additional FL counties. Each search costs 24 dollars.

Lafayette County court records

If you do not settle for a simple arrest search and you wish to uncover a person’s history of convictions, you will have to look for court records. Go to the clerk of courts website. It will direct you to a public county search where you can seek relevant court dockets. It will also link to an official records search where you can obtain other types of public records.

Crime data

Crime reports for 2013 reveal that the rate of violence in Lafayette County reached 336.5. It included 29 crimes with violent nature (1 rape, 26 aggravated assaults and 2 cases of robbery). Police carried out 195 arrests of which 190 involved adults and 5 included minors. In addition, there were 13 burglaries and 12 larceny incidents.