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Database Update on September 26, 2022

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Lee County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Lee County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Search for Lee County arrest records and warrant, FL. This website's search tool will let you carry out a background check on yourself and any other person.
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Lee County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

If there is a Lee County arrest warrant issued against you, you are never safe. you can be arrested in your home , in a restaurant, or even as a result of a routine driving license inspection carried out by a highway patrol officer anywhere within the boundaries of the State of Florida. What is more, if the warrant is not served, it does not lose its legal force. It becomes an outstanding warrant and it can still lead to your arrest. To resolve this matter, you will probably need legal counseling. But before you start looking for a lawyer, it will be wise to check if there is an outstanding warrant for your arrest in Lee County.

How can you conduct a warrant search?

For a Lee County warrant search you should get in touch with the sheriff office.  You may decide you want to visit them in person and ask for the information you need. Their address is:

Lee County Sheriff's Office, 14750 Six Mile Cypress Pkwy. Fort Myers, FL 33912-4406.

 This is the least preferred option, since if it is discovered you are wanted by the police, you may be arrested. To avoid the risk of being incarcerated, you can also initiate a public records request either by phone (239-477-1000) or in writing.

How can you do an arrest search in Lee County?

The sheriff office can also assist you regarding Lee County arrest records search. They have an online search page where you can perform an inmate search and find arrest history on individual persons (with a photo of the arrested person). Their database also specifies about every day's bookings and releases.

Acquiring Lee County Public Records

The clerk of courts website makes it possible for you to search online for Lee County court records and criminal records. Their database encompasses criminal and traffic case records. You can also find crime reports that include felony and misdemeanor offenses. There are two things you should take into account. First, they have a disclaimer on their site that says that they cannot guarantee 100 per cent accurate information. Second, you should not confuse criminal records with arrest records. Criminal records contain information about convictions in court. If a person is arrested and not convicted of a crime, he will have arrest records carrying his / her name but not a criminal record.

Crime Statistics for Lee County

In the course of 2013, 25,912 arrests were made in the county. Violent rate was 339.5. There were 2,184 violent crimes. 25 murders were reported together with 225 sex crimes, 75 forcible fondling cases, 577 robberies (of which 212 included the use of firearm) and more than 1,350 aggravated assaults.