Madison County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

To perform a full background search on a person in Madison County, FL, we recommend looking for three crucial items: arrest warrants, arrest records and court records.

Finding Madison County arrest warrants

To garner information on a person’s criminal history, it is advisable arrive at the sheriff office and make an inquiry while viewing their databases (Their address is 823 SW Pinckney St. Madison FL 32340).

Unfortunately, the sheriff’s website does not offer a search option. So to initiate an online Madison County warrant search, you will have no choice but to resort to larger databases that cover the whole state.

One such database is the public access system provided by the Florida Crime information Center. You can use it to get information on outstanding warrants from all of the state’s counties.

To access another database that will reveal the subject’s criminal history, you should resort to the search form located above the article. The search process is confidential, and results come from an accurate and reliable data bank.

Conducting an arrest search

The sheriff’s website produces jail population reports. However they are not updated (The last report relates to 2011), so once again you will need to resort to larger data banks.

On the website of the Florida Department of Corrections you will find inmate search tools that give information on those who are presently imprisoned in the state’s correctional facilities and those who were imprisoned in these facilities in the past. You can accesses these databases using the following URLs:

To obtain Madison County arrest records, it is advisable to resort to the criminal history information database that is offered to the public by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. They will charge you $24 for every search.

Why court records are important

To acquire a complete picture of a person’s criminal past, you ought to obtain Madison County court records as they give indication of prior convictions in court. To do that, we advise you visit the clerk of courts website and do a record search. Thanks to Florida Freedom of Information Act, the records are accessible to everyone.

Crime Statistics

In 2013, violent rate in the county was remarkably high – it reached 809.5 and it was even higher than the preceding year. If we ask ourselves what made this rate so high, the answer will be 157 violent offences that occurred throughout the year (7 sex offenses, 12 robbery cases and 138 aggravated assaults). Police made 1,297 arrests (of which 1,176 were adults and the rest were minors).