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Database Update on May 28, 2024

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Marion County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Marion County Arrest Records and Warrant Search How to carry out a Marion County arrest records and warrant search, FL. Utilize this website's search tool for a background check on people around you.
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Marion County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

If there is a Marion County arrest warrant against you, you will be apprehended sooner or later. Even if you manage to evade the police for a while, there will still remain an outstanding warrant for your arrest that will keep on being valid indefinitely everywhere in Florida. Therefore, it is highly suggested that you hire a good lawyer to bring this unpleasant affair to an end – the sooner the better.

How will you know if there is a warrant for your arrest?

The answer for that lies in the county sheriff office where you can conduct a Marion County warrant search. In fact, the sheriff operates a warrant lookup page on its website. The sheriff office stuff does not promise complete accuracy while using their online search service, so if you want accurate information, you should visit the office in person. The address is:

692 NW 30th Ave. Ocala, FL 34475 Tel: (352)732-8181

Be careful, if the warrant is on your name, the sheriff will not hesitate to arrest you.

Carrying out an arrest search

The sheriff office does not have an online service for a Marion County arrest records search. To do an arrest check on a person, you, therefore, have two choices: First, you can go to FDLA (Florida Department of Law Enforcement) Criminal History Information webpage to check on a person’s criminal background. Each check you will run using their service will cost you $24 – definitely not cheap. Another problem, you will have to give your personal details while completing the payment process. Not everyone is enthusiastic about giving his / her details to the authorities. Second, you can choose to utilize the search form above. It will allow you to conduct a full criminal history search on a person including arrest warrants and arrest records on his / her name that were issued in Marion County. Needless to say, the search is simple, user-friendly and confidential.

Getting Marion County Public Records

Marion County clerk of courts has an online case search service where you can find the county’s court records. These court records indicate court procedures and convictions and are necessary information for finding out whether a person has a criminal history.

Crime data and statistics

In 2013, violent rate in Marion County was very high and it reached 433.7. What made it so high are 17 murders, 235 severe sex crimes (including 148 forcible rapes), 170 robbery cases and more than 1,000 aggravated assaults. All in all, there were approximately 1,450 violent crimes in the county last year.