Nassau County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

It is estimated that every year hundreds of Nassau County arrest warrants are issued against individuals who are allegedly involved in various offenses. Of course, that does not mean they are guilty. Guilt can be established only in court, but apparently there was enough evidence to convince a judge that it was justifiable to authorize the police to take them into custody.

To find out if you or your relatives are in the police list of suspects, you should engage in a Nassau County warrant search. This is not as difficult as it may seem. There are reliable sources that can give you the information you need.

First, we would suggest contacting the sheriff office. Under Florida Statute, Chapter 119, they are required to provide you with information. There are 2 options for accessing their database. You can send them an email ( or Take into consideration that email addresses and content are instantly added to Nassau County public records database. If your privacy is important to you, you should think twice before you send any email to any governmental agency.

You may also make a request to view the county’s outstanding warrant by visiting the sheriff office in person. Their address is 76001 Bobby Moore Circle, Yulee, Florida 32097. Another thing you should take into consideration – in case your search reveals that your name appears on a warrant, there is high probability that you will be incarcerated.

If you are afraid it might happen, you should opt for a safer online query. There are two viable sources you may utilize. The first is a wanted persons search tool provided by Florida Crime Information Center. It encompasses the whole state. The second option consists of the search form above. Privately and confidentially and from the comfort of your home, it will give you a detailed list of people in your county (and other FL counties) with a criminal history (including arrest records and arrest warrants).

Best Sources for an arrest search

It is possible to locate Nassau County arrest records by performing an inmate search on the sheriff’s website. You may also phone Nassau County Detention Facility (904-548-4002) to request information.

To conduct a wider background check, Florida Department of Law Enforcement makes its criminal history information database available to the public. This online search will require you to pay 24 US dollars.

How can you access Nassau County public records?

The county’s clerk of court maintains two useful online search systems. The first will allow you to find official records; the second will make it possible for you to inspect court records. For your information, a case search may display a person’s prior convictions. You will need this information to do a thorough background check.

Updated Crime Data

The county’s residents will be glad to know that in 2013 violent rate has decreased by 29% in comparison to 2012. Last year, throughout 2013, police carried out 2,278 arrests. There were only 87 violent crimes. There was 1 murder, 12 sex offenses, 13 robberies, 7 cases of forcible fondling and 61 aggravated assaults. We all hope crime level will remain low in years to come.