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Database Update on May 28, 2024

Florida Arrest Records and Warrants Search
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Palm Beach County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Palm Beach County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Search for Palm Beach County arrest records, warrants & court records, FL. Check a person's criminal background using this website's name-based search tool.
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Palm Beach County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Before initiating a Palm Beach warrant search, it is advisable to understand the legal mechanism that lies behind the process of arrest. A glimpse at Florida rules of criminal procedure will help you shed light on this issue.

In short, the police can arrest a suspect if he/she is caught red handed while committing a crime. Otherwise, they will have no choice but to persuade a judge to sign an arrest warrant. A judge will agree to do it provided that there is a probable cause that justifies incarcerating a suspect.

The moment a warrant is signed by a judge, it becomes active and it allows the police to apprehend the suspect anywhere and anytime. If the suspect is not taken into custody, the warrant remains legally valid as an outstanding warrant.

To conduct a full criminal background check, you will, first of all, need to garner information on Palm Beach County arrests. This can be done by resorting to local and statewide databases that will be mentioned in the course of the article.

Finally, Palm Beach county court records can broaden your perspective. This is because they contain data on a person's history of prosecutions and convictions.  In other words, you will be able to know if the one you are searching has been formerly accused of a crime, has been found guilty in court and has been sent to jail or prison.

Locating Palm Beach Outstanding Warrants

You can find information regarding outstanding warrants originated in Palm Beach County at the sheriff office. Their address is 3228 Gun Club Road. West Palm Beach, FL 33406. Their phone number is 561-688-3000. Their contact us page ( contains the addresses of their district offices. If you think there is a warrant carrying your name, you are recommended visiting one of these offices accompanied by a lawyer because you might be taken into custody.

A palm Beach warrant search is limited in scope as it shows result in your local area only. If you want to expand your search, refer to the Public Access System maintained by the FDLE ( It contains an online inquiry tool through which you can check whether a person you know is wanted by the police in other FL counties.

Tips for an Arrest Search

For a Palm Beach County arrest records search, you are advised to turn to the booking blotter page ( on the sheriff’s website. There you will find an online inmate search tool showing people in custody in one of the county’s detention facilities.

The only problem with this search option is that it includes current records only. So what you can do is utilize the search form on this website. It will enable you to carry out an extensive and accurate criminal background check on any person that matters to you conveniently and confidentially from your home. Results include Palm Beach County arrest records and arrest warrants.

The state has its own criminal database (accessed at: managed by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. It will enable you to trace a person's incarceration history in all of Florida. Each name checked costs $25.00, which can be quite expensive if you intend to perform multiple searches.

Gaining Access to Palm Beach Public Records

The Sheriff's Central Records Division processes and stores more than 2,000,000 public records, among which are:

  • Background checks.
  • Documents related to adoption.
  • Information on identity theft.
  • Criminal records.

You can file a request to view their records using their online tool at

Alternatively, you can make a request via the phone, on email or by visiting their office in person. Their phone number is 561-688-3140. Their main office is located at 2195 Southern BLVD., West Palm Beach, 33406. (work hours Monday-Friday, 8:00 am-5:00 pm). Their email is

Another viable source is the Clerk of Court. They have an online search option ( you can use to obtain copies of Palm Beach County court records. You will be able to view court dates, charges, sentences, complaints and parties.

Palm Beach County Crime Rates

Based on the FDLE reports, in 2020, 5,562 violent crimes were committed in the county. They included 90 murders, 537 rapes, 1,096 robberies and 3,839 aggrevated assaults. In addition, there were 28,158 property crimes, which consisted of 3,156 burglaries, 22,227 larceny cases and 2,775 motor vehicle thefts. Crime rate per 100,000 population was 2,299.4. The county's law enforcement agencies responded by making 31,513 arrests.