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Database Update on November 30, 2022

Florida Arrest Records and Warrants Search
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Polk County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Polk County Arrest Records and Warrant Search Guidelines for carrying out a Polk County arrest records and warrant search, FL. Use this website's background check tool to inquire about people around you.
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Polk County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Are you worried that your name or the name of someone you care for appears on a Polk County arrest warrant? If you do, it is advisable to carry out a warrant search to avoid unpleasant entanglement with the law.

Things you should know regarding a warrant search in Polk County

An active arrest warrant on your name means that you can be incarcerated by any police officer at all times no matter where you are. Even if the police did not get to you, you are still not off the hook. Your warrant turns to an outstanding warrant, and it remains valid until expunged or sealed by the authorities. For that you will need a good lawyer who specializes in criminal law. To carry out a Polk County warrant search, go to the county sheriff website. Contrary to other counties, it has an online arrest warrant lookup tool. The records that will be presented may not be 100 per cent accurate. So if you want to be positively sure that there is not a Polk County arrest warrant issued against you, you will need to carry out a thorough inquiry by physically visiting the sheriff office. Their address is:

Polk County Sheriff's Department

1891 Jim Keene BLVD.

Winter Haven, FL 33880-8010.

Phone no. is 863-298-6200.

Three options for an arrest search

There are two practical options for carrying out a Polk County arrest records search. First, you can use the services of the county's Records Processing Unit. They manage and store incident reports arriving from the sheriff office including information on arrests and inmate files. To obtain these legal documents, you will need to fill in a public request form and send it to the sheriff office's address (see above), or scan it and send it via email  to: To download the files, go here. Second, for an inmate search, you can utilize the search tool on the website operated by Florida Department of Corrections. Third, if you want to be efficient and save time, we suggest that you use the search form located on the upper part of this page. It will instantly give you access to arrest records and outstanding warrants issued in Polk County allowing you to conduct a criminal history check on a person of your choice. The search is completely discreet.

Obtaining Polk County Public Records

Like any other FL counties, the clerk of courts of Polk County is where you need to go to find public records. Their online search page will give you information on:

  • Traffic infractions
  • Felony and misdemeanor offenses.
  • County ordinances
  • Traffic infractions
  • Municipal ordinance

Crime statistics for Polk County

Based on the statistics given by Florida Department of Law Enforcement, 2013 included almost 27,700 arrests and close to 2,900 violent crimes. Violent rate was 372.5 (a 4.2% increase in comparison to 2012).  The county suffered from 20 murders, approximately 300 sex crimes, almost 400 robberies and 1,569 incidents of aggravated assault.