Santa Rosa County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

The aim of this article is to provide you with instructions on how to carry out Santa Rosa County warrant search and how to recover Florida arrest records. But before we start, it is imperative to explain a few basic facts regarding arrest warrants.

Much like all other counties in Florida, prior to release, Santa Rosa County arrest warrants must be signed by a judge. He will examine all the material submitted to him by the police in an attempt to find a probable cause for arrest. If he finds one, he will give his consent and the warrant will become active.

Not all warrants are executed (Unfortunately the police cannot find all the suspects). Those that are not, are termed outstanding warrants. These warrants remain in the system until they are served and an arrest is made. This means that if there is a warrant for your arrest, you will not be safe until the matter is resolved. So it is recommended to check criminal databases to know if you have any reason to be worried.

So where will you find the necessary information?

In order to view Santa Rosa County outstanding warrants, we strongly suggest making a visit to the sheriff office. The main office is located at 5755 East Milton Rd. Milton, FL 32583.

If you wish to save yourself the bother of physically going to the sheriff office you can do one of the following:

1) Go to this link will direct you to Florida Crime Information Center where you can electronically find Florida’s wanted persons.

2) The search box above will connect you to a comprehensive criminal database that will display all persons with warrants and a history of arrests in Santa Rosa County and other FL counties. This is, in fact, a powerful search tool meant to reveal a person’s criminal background. The use of this tool is strictly confidential.

What about an arrest search?

The sheriff’s website does not provide an online inmate search option, so to do a Santa Rosa County arrest records search; you should consider making use of the Criminal History Information service provided by Florida Department of Law Enforcement. A payment of $24 will give you the right to delve into their online database and view a person’s criminal history.

The Importance of Santa Rosa County Public Records

Thanks to Florida Freedom of Information Act, every ordinary citizen can view the county’s public records. They are extremely important because they include court records that show convictions in court. To gain access to these records, visit the county’s clerk of courts website. This webpage is where you should do the search.

Crime information and Statistics

Santa Rosa County is a relatively safe place in terms of crime rates. With a low violent rate of 126 (almost 20 per cent lower than the year before), there were only 199 violent crimes which included 3 murders, 63 sex offenses, 19 robberies and 114 aggravated assaults. Police made, all in all, 6,049 arrests.