Sumter County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

The police can apprehend a person if he is caught in the process of committing a crime. Otherwise they have to acquire an arrest warrant and a judge to sign it to give them the right to incarcerate a suspect. Like other FL counties, a judge will be willing to sign a Sumter County arrest warrant only if he can conclude (based on the evidence presented to him by the police) that a probable cause for an arrest exists. For further information, you should refer to Florida Rules of Criminal Procedure.

If the police are not able to capture the suspect, the warrant against him remains in effect as an outstanding warrant. At any given time, there are roughly 350,000 outstanding warrants all over the State of Florida.

How can you extract relevant warrant information?

The sheriff’s Records Division is in charge of processing and storing the county’s criminal data and they can definitely offer assistance regarding a Sumter County warrant search. You can reach them by phone (352-569-1600) or by mail. Their mailing address is Sumter County Sheriff’s Office. Records Department, 1010 N Main St, Bushnell, FL 33513.

Florida crime Information Center offers an online search tool that will assist you in locating FL wanted persons. Since the search covers the whole state, results will naturally be less precise in comparison to the information you will find with the assistance of Sumter County sheriff office.

In addition, the search tool on top of this page will show all of Sumter County outstanding warrants and arrest records. It is a confidential person-based search. Results come from reliable and accurate databases.

Carrying out an arrest search

The website operated the sheriff office does not provide data on Sumter County arrest records, so you will need to turn to the criminal history information page maintained by Florida Department of Law Enforcement. There you can garner information on a person’s criminal background including his / her history of arrests.

Furthermore, the website run by Florida Department of Corrections makes it possible for users to do a computerized inmate search that covers FL prisons and county jails.

Finding a person’s criminal record

To learn whether a person has a criminal record, you will need to access Sumter County public records. The clerk of courts enables you to electronically locate court records and run a case search on its website. Go here for the service.

For your information, a criminal record is a result of a conviction in court. This is why court records can provide you with valuable information regarding a person’s criminal background.

Crime Statistics

Throughout 2013, Sumter County police forces made 2,803 arrests. Violent rate was low – 166.5. 175 violent crimes were committed that year. There were two murders and 137 aggravated assaults. 14 women were raped.