Suwannee County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

Suwannee County arrest warrants are issued against people who are suspected of committing an offense serious enough that justifies an arrest. Since a person is deemed innocent until proven otherwise, Florida warrants do not indicate guilt. Guilt is established in the court of law following due process.

Nonetheless, an active warrant that bears your name on it means that you can be detained anytime and anywhere. So to spare yourself the inconvenience and the embarrassment, common sense dictates that you check whether you have unresolved issues with the police.

How can you tell if you are wanted by the police?

There are a few available courses of action you can take to conduct a Suwannee County warrant search. You can garner information through the sheriff office by contacting their records and warrants division. Their phone numbers are (386) 364-3417; (386) 364-3457 or (386) 208-1612.

In case you want to visit them in person, Suwannee County Sheriff’s Office is located at:

200 South Ohio / MLK Ave.
Live Oak, FL  32064

 The sheriff’s website also includes a most wanted page that is updated regularly.

To expand your investigation, access the computerized database maintained by the Florida Crime Information Center. This database encompasses warrant data from all of Florida counties.

Locating the county’s inmates

To obtain Suwannee County arrest records, the sheriff’s website provides an inmate search service that presents all the persons that are currently held in the county jail (at the time this article was written, 155 inmates housed the county jail).

You can use the online resources provided by Florida Department of Corrections. These two resources include: Offender Information Search and Inmate Population Information Search. They reveal names of people that served time in FL correctional facilities in the past and those serving time at present.

Doing a full criminal background check

To view a person’s criminal past, we recommend resorting to two sources:

1) The criminal database run by Florida Department of Law Enforcement is an official source that covers the whole state. They demand a fee of $24 for each search you will decide to make.

2) The search form located above will give accurate list of arrest records and warrants related to Suwannee County and the rest of the state’s counties. The data is taken from reliable sources that are updated on a regular basis. Your search will be kept strictly confidential.

Acquiring Suwannee County public records

The clerk of courts keeps the county’s official records. They are located at:

Barry A. Baker, Clerk & Comptroller
200 S. Ohio Ave.
Live Oak, FL 32064
(phone number:  386-362-0500)

Under Florida FOIA, these documents are available to everyone, including court records which you might need to learn about a person’s prior convictions.

Crime Statistics

In comparison to larger counties, there was a small number of violent offenses (177) in Suwannee County in 2013. However, to the residents’ dismay, police records include 3 murder cases, 19 sex offenses, 23 robberies, 132 aggravated assaults and 1,716 arrests. Violent rate increased by 13% compared to the previous year