Taylor County Arrest Records and Warrant Search

If you plan to initiate an arrest search for Taylor County, you had better focus your effort on a couple of recommended sources:

1) Contact the county jail at 850-584-4333 and ask for information.

2) The county jail official might direct you to the online inmate search on the website of Florida Department of Corrections. This is in fact an electronic database that gives access to two kinds of data: a) inmates that are currently held in the state’s correctional facilities (you can access it here); b) ex-inmates that are not held in any jail or prison at present (go to this link to initiate the search).

3) To retrieve older Taylor County arrest records, we propose going to online criminal history archive maintained by the Florida Department of Law Enforcement. For a fee of 24 dollars, you can check about a person’s criminal background including arrest orders that have been carried out against him / her.

Taylor County arrest warrants

The sheriff office warrant unit will convey information on the county’s outstanding warrants. They do not deliver information via the phone, so you will need to show up at their office in person. They are located at 08 N. Jefferson St., Ste. 103, Perry, 32347-3252.

For those interested in saving time, we recommend doing an online Taylor County warrant search utilizing the public access system powered by the Florida Crime Information Center. From this source searchers can garner information on warrants issued throughout the state.

Otherwise, the search box that appears on top of this article shows a person’s criminal history. Results relates to all of Florida’s counties. The search subject will not know he/she has been searched. Results come from reliable and updated databases.

Taylor County Court Records

Many people mistakenly confuse arrest records with court records. While the former show how many, for how long and why a person was incarcerated, the latter reveals convictions in the court of law. Most of the county’s court records are considered public records and they can be recovered by visiting the clerk of courts office (at 108 N. Jefferson Street Suite 102
Perry, FL 32347) and asking to view the material. For further questions, you may phone them at 850-838-3506.

Crime statistics

Last year, Taylor County had an extremely high violent rate of 877.6. It rose by 30% compared to 2012. This figure is quite concerning especially do to the fact that in 2013, 178 aggravated assaults took place in the county. The total number of violent crime reached 202. Police tried to combat increasing crime rates with 1,904 arrests.